RE-SPE Radiated Emission pre-compliance EMC test setup

This model which is the simplest one among the available radiated emission test setups, consists of a wide-band spectrum or EMI analyzer to detect the emitted signal spectrum, a series of near field E and H probes for collecting the radiated electromagnetic energy and an optional broadband pre-amplifier with at least 20 dB gain in order to amplify the electromagnetic emissions from various printed circuit boards (PCBs) or subsystems. The test operator should scan the board under test thoroughly and manually using the near-filed sensors.


This test setup is mainly aimed for detecting the maximum level of radiated emissions of electronic boards or modules within the operation frequency range of the system. In this case, detection of unwanted radiated emissions from the PCB is simply carried out by configuring the receiver system to operate in the peak detection mode and by selecting the appropriate field probes including E field or H field sensors depending on the special requirements of the test. This test setup dramatically helps increasing time to market of the products and avoids imposing costly delays to the production line of the systems.