RE-NK Radiated Emission pre-compliance EMC test setup

This test setup has the capability to measure the electromagnetic emissions from a diverse range of systems and subsystems in a wide variety of sizes from a tiny electronic board to a massive system using its portable omni directional near-field sensors set. Thus, the product is not limited to performing pre-compliance EMC tests just for small PCBs or electronic modules. This test setup utilizes different technical parts such as a near-field probe set, a spectrum analyzer, a PC-based control software and a special photography camera for evaluation and analysis of radiated emissions at a given frequency band and drawing 2D and 3D patterns of the radiated fields.


This test setup is a user friendly pre-compliance EMC testing tool for detecting the radiated electromagnetic fields from many different types of systems and subsystems especially the large ones. The test operator should scan the entire system manually within the defined frequency range using near-filed sensors set. In this way, precise information is going to obtain about the source of unwanted electromagnetic leakages. By using different facilities provided in this test setup, design engineers will be able to overcome the occurred problems due to the lack of accurate design of electronic circuits, cables and modules in the early stages of the system design. This test setup dramatically helps increasing time to market of the products and avoids imposing costly delays to the production line of the systems.