RI Radiated Immunity pre-compliance EMC test setup

This test setup consists of an RF signal generator, an RF amplifier for boosting the generated RF signals, a series of near field probes to inject the electromagnetics power on to the test board and a set of test and monitoring devices designated as error detection devices (EDDs) such as oscilloscopes or frequency counters in order to analyze the performance and functionality of a system under test condition. Using special electromagnetic environments such as anechoic chambers is not a necessity while working with this test setup. In these test scenario, electric and magnetic fields are produced only within a distance of less than 1 inches from the near-field field probes’ heads. The PCB under test is exposed to high power AM signals in this experiment.


In this method, it is possible for the user to concentrate RF energy only on a single element or a small portion of the test circuit. Also, by applying an appropriate control software along with the hardware equipment of the setup, distinguishing the vulnerable and immune points of the electronic board against the external electromagnetic energy at different frequencies will be possible. Thus, plotting two or three dimensional immunity patterns at various frequencies will be a practical option while working with FSS-RI package. This test setup dramatically helps increasing time to market of the products and avoids imposing costly delays to the production line of the systems.