SPESPA Radiated Emission pre-compliance EMC test setup

This product which includes a scanner that operates based on the function of an array of very near-field magnetic probes, could be connected to external spectrum analyzers with special configurations for measuring the radiated emissions from the printed circuit boards. Also, a PC-based software which is installed on the controlling computer of the setup is in charge of displaying the measured radiations from the system under test. In addition to the detection possibility of frequencies associated with unwanted emissions, this setup is capable of illustrating the distribution of magnetic field patterns on the surface of PCB layout map at different frequencies.


This test setup is a useful electromagnetic inspection tool for real time detection of EMC/EMI problems related to high speed digital PCBs.  FSS-RE-SPESPA is a desktop test setup which does not require particular electromagnetic environments such as anechoic chambers or shielded rooms for running EMC testing.  This product enables designing engineers to observe EMC/EMI and signal integrity issues within the frequency range of 150 KHz to 8 GHz in the early stages of the design procedure. This test setup dramatically helps increasing time to market of the products and avoids imposing costly delays to the production line of the systems.