RE-EHES Radiated Emission pre-compliance EMC test setup

This test setup uses a robotic scanning system for moving the near-field probes set to overcome the limitations of manually scanning methods. FSS-RE-EHES setup dramatically increases the resolution of measurement method and helps users determine the location of unwanted leakage sources with the highest possible precision. Also, the products provides the opportunity for precise measurement of thermal emissions caused by the performance of active circuit elements. The final results related to measured fields could be displayed in 2D and 3D formats.


This test setup is mainly used for conducting highly precise, pre-planned and programmed EMI test scenarios. This product is capable of performing different emission tests in a wide frequency range. Multi-frequency scan capability is another major feature of this EMC/EMI scanning tool. The instrument allows the user conduct pre-compliance EMC testing in an accurate and cost-effective manner. This test setup dramatically helps increasing time to market of the products and avoids imposing costly delays to the production line of the systems