Anechoic Chamber for 10m Automotive Testing

This Automotive 10m Semi-Anechoic Chamber has been delivered to the major car electronic manufacturer in South Korea, Hyundai Mobis for full-compliance radiated emission measurements in 3m and 10m test distances and for radiated immunity testing in 1m and 3m test distance. The chamber covers the whole frequency range of automotive testing, following the latest editions of International, US and European standards, e.g. CISPR 12 and 25, ISO 11452, and Automotive Directive 2004/104/EG as well as manufacturers’ in-house standards. Typical EUTs (Equipments Under Test) are vehicles, and vehicle components. The chamber’s modularity for RF shielding and RF absorber lining is a proven advantage should the chamber ever be relocated or expanded. Technical Data Dimensions: 24.1m x 15.4m x 9.0m (L x W x H) Radiated Emission Measurements • 30MHz to 1GHz: Full compliance with ANSI C63.4 and CISPR 16-1-4 in 3m and 10m measuring distance • 1GHz to 18GHz: Full compliance with CISPR 16-1-4 in 3m and 10m measuring distance • Quiet Zone: 5.5m (d=10m), cylinder height 2m, floor standing Radiated Immunity Test • 80MHz to 8GHz: full compliance with EN 61000-4-3, • 1.5m x 1.5m uniform field in 3m test distance Features The chamber features a positioning system including an 8m diameter turntable. Integrated into the turntable is a chassis dynamometer with speeds up to 120km/h for TWD and 4WD vehicles, an air cooler, and exhaust gas extraction. There is also an antenna mast with controller. Further customized solutions for automotive testing were provided including: personnel doors, a 4m x 4m automatic gate with automatic ramp, RF shielded CCTV camera system and audio intercom, smoke detection, fiber optic converters, RFI power line and signal line filters. The RF absorber lining is Hollow Pyramidal Absorbers with light reflective white caps. Additional ancillary RF shielded rooms for the amplifiers and equipment room were included in the design.