HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) Testing

MiNi-HAC is a comprehensive test system for ANSI-C63.19 and FCC Hearing Aid Compatibility requirements. Fully automated test routines with data reporting for RF and Audio. Designed for RF testing of electric and magnetic fields along with a full suite of audio tests for frequency response, ABM-1/ABM-2. MiNi-HAC™is ideal as a primary compliance instrument for Hearing Aid Compatibility or as a design/development tool for HAC Audio and near-field RF E-and H-Field emission evaluation for wireless handsets and hearing aids. The system is designed for developers, compliance experts, regulators, and researchers. It is an expandable system which can measure devices operating up to 6 GHz and will grow with technological and standards developments. APPLICATIONS: ● RF Emissions Test – Measurements of the near-field electric field and magnetic fields emitted by a WD ● RF E-Field emissions V/m ● RF H-Field emissions A/m ● AF T-Coil tests ● Fast furrier transform analysis and audio quality