Mil- STD- 461 Chamber

Purpose The MIL STD 461E Chamber is developed with the focus on radiated emissions, radiated immunity, conducted emissions and conducted immunity testing in accordance with MIL STD 461E or prior versions. Consisting of a fully modular system for shielding and absorbers, the installed chamber can be set up stepwise and adapted to changes to the Equipment Under Test (EUT) sizes. Technical Description MIL STD 461E specifies both the reflectivity characteristic of the RF absorber and the minimum area of the internal chamber surface to be covered. Chamber dimensions are dependant on the size of the EUT.

o Fully galvanized modular shielding system made of 2 mm steel. Electromagnetic shielding performance of shielding compliant with EN 50147-1 and MIL STD 285:

Frequency Performance Field Component
10 kHz 60 dB H
100 kHz 80 dB H
1 MHz 100 dB H
10 MHz 100 dB E
100 MHz 100 dB E
1 GHz 100 dB PW
10 GHz 100 dB PW
20 GHz 100 dB PW
40 GHz 100 dB PW

o Modular absorber lining on the walls and ceiling. o Absorbers meets -6 dB reflectivity loss from 80 MHz ~ 250 MHz and -10 dB above 250 MHz. o One door of 1.2 x 2.05 m clear opening with mechanical actuation aid. The door is equipped with a switch to be connected to the interlock system for amplifier auto power off. o Four honeycomb inserts for ventilation. Size 330 x 330 mm. o Four illumination spots of 750 W. o One three-phase power supply filter, 4 x 32A, max. 250V/440V 50 or 60 Hz for EUT and general power supply. o Two detachable access panels (AP). o Two connecting points are integrated in the floor o Integrated in the floor are two cable ducts, which feed the necessary cables from the access panels (AP) to the connecting points (CP). o The facility has a host building attached support system. As option a self-supporting system is available.