Anechoic Chamber for Automotive Testing

CISPR 25 defines measurement of emissions received by an antenna on the same vehicle, as well as measurements of components and modules. This anechoic chamber for CISPR 25 compliant measurements, delivered to Kriwan Testzentrum in South Germany, covers a frequency range from 70MHz to 2.5GHz according to the relevant Standard. Full compliance immunity tests on sub-assemblies and vehicles as well as components according to ISO 11452-2, may be performed in the chamber. Technical Data Dimensions: 7.9m x 6.4m x 3.6m (L x W x H) Radiated Immunity Tests • 70MHz to 2.5GHz: Full compliance with ISO 11452-2 Radiated Emission Measurements • 70MHz to 2.5GHz: Pre-compliance with CISPR 25 Features The chamber features a grounding to the shielding wall for an EUT test table, a floor covered with metallic ground plane, an entrance door, double wing 2.7m x 2.5m (W x H) and a gas exhaust extraction system. Walls and ceiling lines with 12“ Hybrid Absorbers and light reflective White Caps, which offer a usable frequency range from 30MHz to 18GHz. Additionally smoke detection, RFI power line and signal line filters have been provided. The chamber’s modularity for RF shielding and RF absorber lining is a proven advantage should the chamber ever need to be relocated or expanded. A site validation test according to CISPR 25 requirements has been provided.