SAR Testing

ALSAS 10 Universal is a fully comprehensive SAR test system which can be upgraded to perform HAC measurements. Customizable to cover the exact test needs of users. Measures SAR from 30 MHz to 6 GHz as per the requirements of international standards (IEC/IEEE). The ALSAS-10U engineering design team is strongly focused on application development, and has developed custom modular software to allow for the broadest range of wireless SAR testing applications. The system has a unique modular hardware design that allows system configuration to be built around the exact needs of the user. Various phantoms – SAM Phantom, UniPhantom™, Universal Flat Phantom and others, can be easily moved, interchanged and integrated onto Universal Workstation™ to result in a highly flexible and time-efficient measurement process. On average the modular system saves 1 day in laboratory test time when compared to the other manufacturers in this field.