Helping Design Engineers to face New Challenges The telecom industry has made great advances in wireless and antenna technology during the past decade. The design engineer continues to face new challenges as development work continues on next generation systems with improved functionality. With shorter and shorter design cycles, the design engineer must use all of his/her tools to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Microwave absorbers support the Design Engineer on these higher performance initiatives. That is why the best engineers look to Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products for reliable and fast solutions for their RF interference problems. Meet your deadlines Responsiveness is key to your success. ECMP has the shortest lead times in the industry, with a number of standard products available to ship next day. Customization is our business. Most custom quotes can be furnished within twenty-four hours. Not just a Band Aid® Design engineers often face interference problems in designing high frequency microwave equipment. These problems oftentimes don’t reveal themselves until the final stages of testing. Often viewed by those unfamiliar with the technology as a last minute Band Aid®, microwave absorber materials have established themselves as reliable, cost effective and quick solutions for EMI problems. Mainstream Solutions See below the extensive list of microwave components and equipment using absorber technology. It’s clear to see that design engineers in the telecom industry recognize microwave absorbers as a mainstream solution. Microwave Devices & EMI Control An extensive list of components and equipment using microwave absorber technology is below:

·         Base Station

·         Mobile Phones

·         Driver Modules

·         Filters

·         Flat Panel Antennas

·         Grid Antennas

·         LNA’s

·         LNB’s

·         Long Haul Switches

·         Mixers

·         Optical Transceivers

·         Oscillator Modules

·         Parabolic Antennas

·         Point-to-Multipoint Antennas

·         Point-to-Point Antennas

·         Power Amplifiers

·         Sector Antennas

·         Step Attenuators

·         Synthesizers

·         Test Fixtures

·         Transceiver Modules

·         Transducers

·         Up/down Converters

·         VSAT Terminals

·         Waveguides

·         Wi-Fi and WIMAX devices and the list goes on…