Automotive EMC Testing

2-1 Automotive EMC Testing
To be able to sit back in the car, have complete trust in the technology and enjoy mobility and freedom “ EMC measuring technology from Albatross Projects plays a significant role here. When comes to automotive testing, every automotive manufacturer has its own requirement. Albatross Projects design and build chambers for testing of automotives to meet varies standards. We works closely with the world leading chassis dynamometer to deliver a turnkey test facility. Working in our test facilities is almost as comfortable as driving a car.
• 2-1 Anechoic Chamber for Automotive Testing according to CISPR 25 (vehicle and components) and ISO 11452-2 (components) (Read More…)
• 2-2 Anechoic Chamber for Electronic Sub-Assembly Testing according to CISPR 25 (components) and ISO 11452-2 (components) (Read More…)
• 2-3 Anechoic Chamber for 5m Automotive Testing (Read More…)
• 2-4 Anechoic Chamber for 10m Automotive Testing (Read More…)