MIL EMC Testing

4. MIL EMC Testing
The largest chamber in Europe for testing MIL components and vehicles is located in South Germany; it was originally commissioned into operation in 1988 and in 2008, was refurbished and upgraded to become an industrial equipment test site. The 10m Semi-Anechoic Chamber, for MIL STD and CISPR testing, is used for full-compliance radiated emission measurements in 3m and 10m test distances and for radiated immunity testing in 1m and 3m test distance. All walls and ceiling are completely lined with absorbing material. The chamber covers the whole frequency range from 10kHz to 40GHz and is compliant to the latest edition of MIL STD 461 and MIL STD 462. Typical EUTs (Equipments Under Test) are MIL and civil vehicles and components and large industrial equipment of any kind. The chamber’s modularity for RF shielding and RF absorber lining is a proven advantage should the chamber ever be relocated or expanded.
• 4-1 Mil- STD- 461 Chamber (Read More…)