Health EMC Testing

3 Health EMC Testing

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), also known as non-ionising radiation, is generated by virtually all devices that transmit RF energy. It is known that exposure of the human body to high levels of EMR may lead to adverse health effects. To ensure the protection of personnel in the workplace and to protect members of the general public, the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) and other government bodies around the world such as the FCC and the European Commission, have mandated new regulatory frameworks which set compliance requirements for RF transmitting devices. Owners and operators of Radio and Telecommunications equipment, manufacturers and importers will need to establish compliance with the EMR standards which in many cases require SAR evaluation. In the USA, the FCC sets SAR limits and test methods for SAR evaluations. In Australia, compliance requirements are prescribed in the ACMA EMR Standard 2003. Most other countries have similar requirements
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