Solutions & Capabilities

Off the shelf products are preferable for ease of use and time sensitive designs. However, when standard materials fall short of an engineer’s requirements, Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products is quick to respond in developing customized solutions with quick turnarounds.
Custom parts like the one above made from various ECCOSORB® foam absorbers can be cut and then weatherproofed with a spray coating of our vinyl based CERSEAL. The above part was custom designed to form fit around several low, medium and high band MIL antennas to reduce unwanted EMI.

Custom 1 meter x 2 meter PVC blankets house 6 panels of ECCOSORB® HR-10/ML for RCS reduction for the Navy. Eyelets are located throughout for ease of attachment.

Any material that we manufacture can easily and accurately be cut with high precision water jet cutting technology. This process is extremely useful for producing small quantities of initial prototypes with no tooling charges and fast turnarounds. The above part was custom cut to fit around several MIL antennas.

The ECCOSORB® ANW-73/ML part (above left) was constructed to tightly fit over an aircraft nosecone for ground based radar testing. This removable absorbent cover, 56” in height and 26” around, acts as a radiation shield that can be easily slid on and off of the nosecone during testing. The “W” for weatherproofing refers to the olive drab colored material that is a neoprene based fabric that meets MIL specification: MIL-PRF-26096F and is resistant to fuels, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids

ECCOSORB® LS can be assembled into different configurations to suit any custom application. The above part was a multilayered absorber that was coated with our vinyl basedc CERSEAL coating to seal out moisture. It was then fitted into an obstacle avoidance radar system that required isolation from nearby component and mounted to a helicopter.

ECCOSORB® CV-3 combined with a block of ECCOSORB® AN-75 and sprayed with a special vinyl based CERSEAL coating. This foam absorber will be used in conjunction with an antenna in the wing tip on a MIL P-3 Orion aircraft CERSEAL can be easily applied to compound shaped absorbers for complete water and fluid protection. CERSEAL has excellent resistance to fluids and petroleum products such as Mineral oil, Saline, Blood, Urea, Acid, Alcohol, Machine oil and Gasoline.