Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products has been providing material solutions for the medical industry for decades. Working closely with equipment manufacturers, Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products offers a wide range of microwave absorbers, custom dielectrics, and EMI shielding materials for today’s state of the art medical test equipment and shielded enclosures. Microwave absorbing materials, low loss dielectrics and shielding products may be employed in various medical electronics applications including breast cancer research, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), medical telemetry, ultrasound equipment, and radiation treatment machines. For the highest quality and performance, engineers depend on Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products for solutions to their interference control problems. Our experienced applications engineers are ready to assist you. Medical Applications
Application #1
Here, an electronics manufacturer is designing and building radiation treatment equipment requiring a custom designed absorber to reduce stray EMI. A magnetron operating at 3 GHz was radiating electromagnetic energy that was interferring with water flow transducers and solid-state pulse sensors. Sensors have a high impedance output which make them far more susceptible to noise than other components. The solution was a low frequency castable absorber called ECCOSORB® CFS-8480. Designed primarily for casting complex parts for use in the lower microwave frequency range, CFS-8480 was cast to a customers print. This sleeve or “boot” was fitted directly over the magnetron armature to quell the leaky signal.
Application #2

ECCOSORB® CR-116 castable absorber is used on sensors mounted in ultrasound transducers. Used to reduce cavity resonance, ECCOSORB® CR-116 is applied to dampen stray signals.
Application #3

In the development of thermo acoustic molecular imaging equipment for breast cancer research, a waveguide system with sensitive components required a potting solution involving a low loss dielectric filler. The dielectric material chosen was ECCOSTOCK® CK-6.0, which allowed for closer matching with the dielectric properties of the breast for improved coupling of the RF energy.