Server rooms & Data centers

Custom RF cabins modular
product with Arctec Cube EMshield of prefabricated modules can protect high-security rooms. The modular design adjustments to the building, a parade and a subsequent expansion of the RF cabin with a low cost possible. Product Arctec Cube is in contrast to Arctec Flex a room in room. The cabin design is self-supporting, so that an additional supporting the side panels to the existing building structures is not required. As a design for the execution of the RF-cabin, three different materials are available: – Galvanized steel – rust and acid resistant stainless steel – aluminum All modules of an RF-cabin are high levels of automation in the factory pre-fabricated accurately. The insertion and assembly of the cabins is done by quickly and easily, so we can give you all the system components ready in just a few days. The modules are made automatically punched, perforated and folded steel plates. For a consistently high quality and very low tolerance ensures the Schirmungsmodule. Among themselves, the Schirmungsmodule about a particular contact network which endures in the industrial sector to 40 GHz, high-frequency tightly screwed together.For all other necessary openings in the RF cabin to connect using the special contact mesh is necessary. These include among others, the openings for the air conditioning of the RF cabin (honeycomb fireplaces), the media stream filtering and pipe penetrations. Arctec Cube systems find their application in – Eavesdropping – emission protection (TEMPEST) – laboratory use – EMC cabin
 Data centers / Server rooms
 Banking transactions
 Secret service  Embassy
 Government databases
 MIL communication