Eavesdropping / TEMPEST

Architectural or Integrated Raumschirmungen can be fully adapted to the given space forms. It reached such a system up to 80 dB. The rooms are designed so that the technical screening occurs entirely in the background. An architecturally screened room can be difficult to distinguish from an ordinary room.Screened windows and doors can be freely customized. Even security-related requirements such as fire or burglary protection are no problems dar. When isolating an area must, in addition to the visual requirements, media access, such as air conditioning and heating elements are taken into account (see Definition electromagnetic shielding) We guarantee the installed system components from us, as well for the entire system, the specified attenuation. (The shielding effectiveness is a dimensionless measure that quantifies the effectiveness of a shield). Counseling, skilled performance specifications, specifications and interfaces as well as coordination structures and the technical execution, pending the final shielding effectiveness measurement of our project team carried out under one roof. All of these properties, ensures that our customers through our “performance guarantee” to. Shielded rooms must have an electrically conductive and absolutely perforation-shell. Therefore, it is also recommended by everyone in the room to project out from the interior work and Schirmungshersteller to be carried out. Our team consists of architects, engineers, and a relevant network of partners for the full project profile. applications: monitoring protected areasAbstrahlarme (TEMPEST) space mobile-free zones computer rooms EMP / HPM protection Our Performance Guarantee – Guaranteed attenuation system acc. IEEE 299 / EN 50147-1 – Guarantee pursuant to the construction work. VOB – Security Checked for installation personnel – DKD calibrated measuring systems – Experience in more than 250 installations – Detailed documentation and measuring results – Professional project management
 Espionage (governmental and industrial)
 Embassy
 Board room shielding
 Conference rooms
 Tempest communication
 Command centers